The Dreamtime is thought to be a mythological concept on which the indigenous people of Australia based their stories of creation. It was part of the knowledge that they passed from generation to generation for thousands of years. In their legends it is generally understood to be a place far, far away in time when the great beings and warriors of creation lived on the earth and in the sky, and their wondrous deeds impacted on the earth and on the creatures of the earth, forming the world as we see it today. European logical mind, although generally not disrespectful of such legends, tends to either relegate them to fantasy or perceives them as a primitive analogy for explaining natural geological and evolutionary processes. But what if the Dreamtime was real and still exists, that there is such a place, only we have forgotten where to look for it and how to see it? For three ordinary Australians of European descent, during a period of several years, the Dreamtime became a reality when they were befriended by a Dreamtime spirit called Wharumbidgi.


The Aboriginals were aware of the spirit of the land as a psychic reality, and we can learn from that. It was their awareness of spirit that enabled them to live very successfully for over 40,000 years, an extraordinary achievement by any standards. Imported European culture, with its patriarchal attitudes and growing dependence on technology, set out to impose its rigid perspectives on what was perceived to be a godless land. This aggressive endorsement of materialistic values, coupled with denial of spirituality other than that prescribed by the church, has wrought devastation on the environment and the Aboriginal people, both physically and psychically.


The releasing of Aboriginal spirits who were stuck in the astral plane as a result of their trauma, was predicted in a channeled message received in May, 1992. 

"There must be a fire lit. There must be a re-enactment of old ways. Release there will be of those who are held. There are some who are trapped in this dimension, unable to move over. This will provide the energy to complete their journey. These are souls lost in the soil.It is the anger and the lostness which causes this stopping. There can be no advancement with this energy. This is a time to release and clear old patterns so that the new may be envisaged."


Charles - “Wharumbidgi is very happy, and he is very busy. He's hardly even here, and he's not here as strongly as he was the other day. He's working. He's saying the ashes from the fire were needed, and that much was released, and the work is going on, and they're still doing it. He is overwhelmed with joy with what is happening. He is gathering spirits like a farmer gathers his crops, to take them home. And a Portal has been opened thanks to our concern, and the work has been going on and is still going on, and he is very busy.
He's just so happy. He's really busy. What I can see is he's standing there, and there's this big, long black line, and he's directing them into the Portal. He's saying that the work hasn't stopped since we started doing it the other day. It's not that we did anything - it was our intent to help. It's like the healings. It's our honest desire to help that has opened the Portal for them. They're gathering the spirits and taking them there, but there's still much work to be done. It was through our love and concern for them, especially John's Aboriginal connection that has helped open the Portal - then Lee and Charles have been able to help. There is great honour in our intent.”


At 6 pm we went to the Dreaming site and prepared a fire, placing candles around the perimeter of the circle. Lee led us through a meditation to open our chakras. The air was totally still as we stood in silence absorbing the sacred energies of nature and the power of the moment. Suddenly a strong gust of wind came out of nowhere, accompanied by light rain, and the spirits swiftly entered the vortex and rose up and out of sight. Charles described what he was seeing, and he was visibly shaken. Then the wind dropped just as suddenly, and we danced around the fire, chanting and beating our clapping sticks, improvising a rather crude imitation of Aboriginal ceremony. After about an hour I noticed the clouds had all cleared from the sky, and the Dreaming site became illuminated in the light of the full moon. I moved away from the fire and the trees, standing on the river bank to look at the sky. Half an hour ago it was overcast and raining. Now the only clouds visible were five very long, thin straight ones, varying in length. They were angled in such a way that if they were extrapolated they would have all intersected at a single point, and at that point was the planet Venus, shining brightly in the otherwise dark sky.
The two longest clouds stretched half way across the sky. As we stood watching them they began to move in different directions, slowly floating together. We stood in total silence as they formed the long, thin figure of a person dancing. It was a stick man. He had one leg raised behind him, and both arms stretched up above his head. He was similar to some of the stick figures that appear in traditional Aboriginal art, such as in cave paintings and carvings. It was an awesome display of the power of spirit and the sacredness of the moment, and a night I will never forget. We watched until the sky clouded over again, and it began to rain.

• The Australian Aboriginal people were the oldest successful culture in known human history.
• They lived on the island continent for about 60,000 years.
• They lived sustainably in total harmony with their environment.
• They took only what they needed, then moved on within their tribal area.
• Their belief system incorporated the knowledge of spirit in all thigs.
• They revered the Earth Mother and always gave thanks for her gifts.
• Everything the took from the land they saw as gifts rather than resources.
• They knew the importance of ley.lines which they called spirit tracks.
• Within their small tribal groups they treated each other with respect.
• They had a sophisticated knowledge of the healing properties of plants.
• They could communicate with their ancestral spirits and received guidance from them.
• They knew that when they died they translated to a higher dimensional reality whih they called the Dreamtime.
The beliefs and practices that predominate in the world today are unsustainable. Environmental destruction and global warming are damaging the planet irreparably. In looking at and adopting some of the Aboriginal beliefs and practices we can change things before it is too late. This is probably the most important message of the book.
Europeans, when they settled in Australia, took from the indigenous people their land, destroyed their sacred sites, and on numerous occasions, massacred them. Their anger and resentment caused them to become disempowered, and they could no longer translate to the Dreamtime. They became stuck in the lower astral plane. Their negative energy was felt by the living people who demonstrated that anger towards white people. This resulted in ongoing conflict.
Wharumbidgi is the guardian spirit of the sacred sites on the land where the author lived for thirty years. He asked John and his two friends to help open a portal to release the stuck Aboriginal spirits into the Dreamtime. The energy to create the Portal was provided by the Spiritual Hierarchy, but they needed assistance from living people.
It took over a year to complete the releasing. With the dark energy dissolved, relationships between blacks and whites softened and the reconciliation movement was born. Marches in support of reconciliation took place in all major cities and towns. It was a turning point in Australian history. 
Historically, this is an important book.


"There was no time for Aboriginals; there was no time. You have day and week and month. There is no days, weeks and months for Aboriginal people. We lived in eternal time. The full moon was our time. The seasons come and the seasons went, and my father got old and died, and my son grew up; but there was no time like your time. Happy time here, this place here was happy time. When you come here you should feel our joy here. We had so much happiness here till the white man come, and much trouble with him. Brother John and sister Lee and brother Charles are helping to lift the bad energy from here. Once the bad energy is gone, your Christ will come, and his white power. The white power will come. But you will never forget the joy here, the nature spirits here."

Portal to the dreamtime