Evolution of Consciousness

In order to understand who we are, what our purpose is, and whereabouts within the greater reality of Creation we exist, it is necessary to have an understanding of consciousness. We humans are obviously conscious beings because we are aware that we exist, we are aware of each other and our environment, and we are creative. We develop skills that enable us to manipulate our environment and utilise its resources in order to provide us with our needs and desires. Our creative abilities can be developed from what we are able to learn from others, but true creativity cannot be learnt. It comes from intuition and inspiration. It is because we are conscious that we can create, for it is consciousness that links us to the source of all creation. Consciousness as we know it is not static, it is evolving. There is profound logic and purpose behind this. We live in a world of matter, and with that comes the limitations of time and space. Could it be that our purpose is to explore our physical reality in all its extremes in order that we totally understand it, and thereby transcend it?

The Evolution of Consciousness
The search for knowledge, including spiritual knowledge, has been a common pursuit for men and women throughout the ages. Each individual has their own belief system that determines their perception of reality, and it is their belief system that determines how they function within that reality. Many have sought wisdom through a discipline of study and contemplation. Many great thinkers have emerged out of western culture and have produced philosophical concepts that have appealed to the masses, mainly because they have been recognisable within the boundaries of personal experience. Eastern philosophies have become popular in the west because they deal with a deeper, more mystical level of reality than does traditional western thought. For many there is an acknowledgment that there is something more than just the physical world which we perceive with our physical senses. Some choose to immerse themselves in religious dogmas that have little logic, but instead are founded on ‘faith’ - faith in what someone else has said is true. The choices open to us are many and varied. 
We looks upon the practices and achievements of others, and we see from our perspective the validities or the deficiencies in their beliefs. According to our judgement or our discernment, we embrace or reject those beliefs. Some of us are so sure of our personal dogmatic beliefs that we will go to any lengths, even war, to prove we are right and the others have got it wrong. How can this be so? What makes some of us so certain we are right? 

Is there really that which can be called right and that which can be called wrong? 

My answer is that beyond the boundaries of our personal limitations we are all in a sense right, and there is not, therefore, that which can be called wrong. The key word is limitations. Every single one of us has our limitations to some degree, for they are part of the natural order of the physical world. But those limitations can be expanded. We need something tangible to hold on to, to relate to, to give us meaning, and to establish the framework or boundaries of our reality. That is why we choose to live in a world of duality. Duality is a technique we use for self identification, based on how we perceive things external to us. Everything within duality has its polarity. So when we have a concept of ‘right’ we automatically create the concept of ‘wrong’.

There is evidence to support that the move out of duality is in fact what is happening in the world at this time. We are starting to see ‘what is’ rather than making comparisons and subsequent judgements. The chaos and conflict that we see in some places around the world is a product of resistance to the letting go of old judgements, old belief patterns, and old structures. Is this not evident in the way so many political regimes are clinging to power, and thousands are dying in the process? Is not our system of monetary exchange failing to provide for the needs of the people it is supposed to serve? Many of us judge our self worth by how much we own, or how much power we have, or what skills we have. We see ourselves in comparison with others and judge them and ourselves accordingly. Who are we that we should pass judgement on others, and for that matter, on ourselves? If we are to become free to be who we truly are, we must allow others to be free also, and it will no longer be valid to exercise those judgements. As our consciousness evolves, we will witness the worn out faiths, beliefs and structures that serve only a few, collapse before our eyes.

Each individual creates his reality based on his beliefs, both conscious and unconscious. Apart from individual beliefs derived from personal experience, cultural and religious conventions and dogmas, we accumulate potential influences from soul memory. There is also another powerful influence based on the unconscious effect of collective beliefs associated with our particular group or culture. That is where the individual derives his core beliefs. Some collective beliefs can be quite destructive, and even in a peaceful country like Australia we see conflict arising out of political and community organisations that hold different values or opinins. Many core beliefs, however, are necessary in order that society functions efficiently and harmoniously.

When it comes to matters such as religious beliefs, how can one group see themselves as right and the others as wrong? Why have there been so many religious wars throughout our history? There are many conflicting religious values, and while many of these values have considerable merit, some values as exercised by their proponents are clearly disharmonious or destructive. Sometimes there develops confrontation and conflict between different belief systems because each system believes it is right and the others are wrong. The realities each have created, and that includes the god they have created, seem so real and supportive that they deny that other realities are possible, and so they try to denigrate the beliefs of others or to project their beliefs onto them. A wide spread fundamentalist belief system can grow out of control, because the cumulative power of its collective consciousness becomes a massive matrix or thought form that reflects back and influences the society that created it. Because it has such a narrow and limited framework, it is easy to use as a political weapon by individuals who seek to wield power and control over the masses within that society.

Can we really suspend judgement of suicide bombers or murderers or rapists, especially if our own loved ones are hurt? In Chapter 10 during a conversation with Ptah, he spoke of how we create our experiences –You are truly wondrous beings. The reality which you have created is amazingly beautiful, devastatingly hurtful, brings you pain when you wish and brings you joy when you wish. All this you have created, and more. You have created this!
Within the old belief systems and realities we have created, we are entitled to be angry and seek revenge because we are victims. The reason we are victims is because we believe it is possible. By transcending the old and embracing the greater reality, we will no longer have need for anger and revenge because we will be unlikely to draw those experiences to ourselves. If we do draw painful experiences to ourselves, we will accept responsibility for them and see the purpose and opportunities to learn from those experiences. People with different beliefs can and often do live harmoniously together, but things work slightly differently for them. Living with other people in different realities, though, can lead to incompatibility.

To understand how we create our realities from our beliefs, we need to have some understanding of the nature of the reality in which we choose to live. We need to understand why and how it works and where we have positioned ourselves within it. Once we understand how it works and we align our subconscious beliefs with our conscious ones, we can learn to live in alignment with the natural order or universal law. We are balanced components of the whole rather than separate entities who randomly collide with each other. It becomes possible to exist without conflict, without disease and without pain. If we do experience things that cause us discomfort, we understand that they are there to draw our attention to personal issues that cause us to be out of balance. They are there for a purpose!
In the reality in which we live there is a principle which enables us to learn and to grow. This is called duality, and it can be a very useful tool to employ. It is a system by which polar opposites occur. It is a system in which anything within the extreme range of what we term good and bad can be experienced. It is a system that enables us to recognise, to discern and to make choices. It allows us to evolve in consciousness.

Before exploring the nature of consciousness, we need to have an adequate understanding of the reality in which we exist. Some would have it that we are simply a product of biological evolution. If so, what is the source of our self awareness and our creativity? Why are there so many problems that confront us all in a myriad of diverse ways? To start answering these questions we need to first look at the basic principle of creation. It is the very nature of the structure of our universe within the totality of Creation that enables us to function in the way we do. It is the principle of creation that also explains why imbalance and disharmony can be experienced, and why that is a necessary part of our evolution. This principle is called duality. It is a system within creation by which polar opposites occur, for it is the very nature of creation that determines this to be so. It is a system in which anything within the extreme range of what we term good and bad can be experienced. It is a system that enables us to recognise, to discern and to make choices. It allows us to evolve in consciousness.

When creation occurs, something is brought into existence that did not previously exist. Something is made out of nothing. Duality is fundamental to this process. For example, when we add plus one and minus one we have zero. (+1) + (-1) = 0. The equation when reversed illustrates how creation works. Imagine ‘nothing’ as an infinite flat, featureless plain. Nothing exists on that plain other than the plain itself, as there are no identifiable features. If somehow a hole is scooped out of the plain and the material from the hole placed beside it, there are now two identifiable features – a hole and a mound. Two things that are equal and opposite have been created. All that is needed is the creative energy to bring it about.

As scientists tell us, all matter is ultimately energy, so the energetic power behind the creation of the universe must be vast indeed. But the universe does not exist only of energy and matter, it also contains consciousness out of which arises thought, emotion and self awareness. It follows that thought and emotion must also be energy, for it is they that empower our actions in the material world. It may even be that they are the creative energies that have made the physical world and determine how things work in the physical reality that we are familiar with.

Polar opposites
Everything that exists in the material world of duality is defined by its polarity. This is fundamental to the creation process in which the potential in One manifests as Two. It does this by reflecting its polar opposites. One is the state of potential, and Two is the unifiedly polar manifestation of One. Polar opposition sets the parameters for vibration or flow to occur, and each manifestation is able to be recognised by virtue of its polar opposite.

All concepts would be meaningless without their polar opposites to set a standard of comparison. ‘Good’ would be incomprehensible without ‘evil’; justice would be meaningless without knowledge of injustice. We would not know what health is unless we know sickness. The stars would not be visible without the dark background of the night sky; but the darkness is illusion, for only the light of the stars is real. If we were given the choice of light or darkness, we would choose light. If we were given the choice of love or fear, we would choose love. It follows by analogy that love is real and fear is an illusion. (+1) is real and (-1) is an illusion, simply a concept that we create in order to understand what really is real.

How many thousands of years has mankind being putting the things he doesn't like outside of himself?  We battle to control our external environment and try to make it conform to our requirements. We blame others for our problems. We claim responsibility for our victories, but not our defeats. We fight for peace, but we don't accept that we are responsible in part for the war. For every thing that exists, in every thought we have, contained within it is its polarity. When we fight for justice, it is because we perceive injustice. In the perception of one we automatically birth the other - one cannot exist without the other. We create both justice and injustice in the belief that they are both real, no matter which one we wittingly or unwittingly stand for. Even the concept of oneness implies separateness.

We create our reality
The most important thing to understand about duality is that it does not establish polarities such as good and evil; they are simply potential states within a reality. In order for them to manifest within a reality there must be a consciousness that creates them. In the world in which we live, humanity has chosen to live with good and evil. We create that as our reality with our thoughts and our beliefs. There is a reason why we have done this – it is so we can experience it. In the experiences we have in this reality we have created for ourselves, we learn to make choices, and hopefully learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. We become wiser and more discerning. We learn about ourselves by seeing the impact that our choices have on others. Other people’s responses to our words and actions reflect back to us what we need to know about ourselves. We use duality as a tool for spiritual growth and evolution. At some point in our evolution, we may decide we have had enough of living in a reality that incorporates fear, and decide to create a love based reality instead. There are a number of steps we must take to do that, but ultimately it is simply a matter of perception, seeing things as ‘what is’ rather than polarities such as right and wrong.

What is consciousness?
To learn, to grow, and to act intelligently, we must be conscious. What is not always understood is that consciousness is universal – it exists throughout the universe. In fact we exist in a universe that is vast  consciously as well as physically. Understanding consciousness helps us understand who we are and where we are in our evolutionary journey. Without consciousness we would have no understanding of ourselves and our environment. It enables us to perceive, to make judgements, to make choices and to create. Science can identify its presence in the physical world, and the degree to which it is present, but it has difficulty explaining what it is and how it comes to exist.

Consciousness is generally thought most likely to be a product of life, evolving over millions of years and associated with the evolution of the brain. Anthropology demonstrates that our early human ancestors had smaller brains and had lower skill levels than the modern human. That would seem to indicate that consciousness levels are linked to brain complexity. However, brain complexity does not fully explain phenomena such as self awareness and creative thought. Despite having similar brains, humans are intellectually and creatively diverse, which suggests we have varying levels of consciousness.
In our evolutionary progress, our focus is predominantly on the physical world of time and space where we can define, measure and purposefully utilize materials at our disposal. Little attention is paid to our consciousness evolution other than seeing it to be linked to our physical and intellectual development. We look out into space hoping to find other intelligent life. In that search we require that life to have physicality such as ours. We do that because we expect that alien life in order to have consciousness must therefore have a brain. In other words we expect alien life to be similar to ourselves.

The problem is that consciousness is not necessarily linked to a physical body such as ourselves, in fact that relationship with which we are familiar is probably the exception. If we look for consciousness as a product of the brain, we are looking in the wrong place. Universal consciousness, if it wishes to connect with us individually, has many ways of doing so. It can influence our thoughts and our actions. When that happens, we identify it as intuition. So what is intuition if it is not an aspect of consciousness? How is our biological computer capable of receiving complex information that is absolutely unique?

Another way universal consciousness can connect with us, which is not uncommon, is with the spoken word. To do so in that way it presents as an entity, a unit of consciousness.

We are all units of consciousness. It is our connection with the physical body that makes us unique. How unique we are we have no way of knowing. What we are capable of knowing is that being conscious is what connects us with each other, with nature and with the entire universe. We are part of universal consciousness. We have a little further to go along our evolutionary journey before that understanding becomes fully integrated into our reality. There is a good reason why we haven’t reached that point yet. We must first know our physical reality in all of its extremes. I will come back to that later.

There are numerous examples of units of consciousness that have been communicating with us from the beginning of our history. The most familiar and understandable form of communication is by the spoken word. This is known as channelling. Several such units or entities have communicated with me through different channels who happened to be my close friends. The recording of these communications is the substance of this book. Channelling is where a person with clairaudient ability can hear the words of the discarnate entity with which they are connecting. The channel can hear the words and record them, or they can speak the words for others to hear. Some people when channelling do so in a trance state, in which case the entity uses their body to speak through them. In such cases it appears that the consciousness of the entity temporarily replaces or overlays the consciousness of the channel. There are numerous but somewhat rarer cases where the consciousness of the entity temporarily replaces that of the channel completely, enabling them to move about as well as speak.

One entity with whom I have had many conversations, both in full body mode and otherwise, is P’taah. (In this book I have abbreviated his name to Ptah.) He identifies himself as a Pleiaden energy. I have found him to be a wise and loving being with a profound understanding of the human condition, and to be absolutely trustworthy. He has helped many people along their spiritual pathways. I believe his wisdom comes from knowing he is part of universal consciousness.
There are hundreds of books commonly available that have been dictated to their authors by discarnate entities. Many of these books give fascinating and compelling information about the nature of reality and the purpose of humanity within the greater reality. However, it is important to be discerning when receiving or giving credibility to channelled information, as it is not always genuine or reliable. It needs to be logical and verifiable in some way. Good spirit does not tell us what we must do, but it can offer advice and even influence us in our thoughts and actions in a positive way but not in a manipulative way. We can ask for help and advice, but in our earthly domain the choices we make must be ours.

The power of spirit
Over a period of about thirty years I was privileged to know several people who channelled information from various discarnate sources. It seemed to me that my meeting with those people was no accident, for in most cases they had never channelled before. It seemed that the sources had specific intent in wanting to talk with me, and I found the discussions I had with them to be fascinating nd informative. I was able to ask questions, conversing with the spirit entities as one talks to a friend or acquaintance. Talking to spirits, though, is very different. The ones I encountered had a high level of intelligence and wisdom. In general they are more concerned with the whole of humanity than they are with the individual. Also, because they are not anchored into physical bodies as we are, they are not restricted in time and space. In my experience they were able to speak about future events in my life because they were actually witnessing those events.

In order that I would not be influenced in my intended activities, they would describe the future in a way that I could only understand fully when those events came to pass. Some of the predicted events turned out to be extremely difficult and testing for me. It was as though they gave me a map which showed the road on which I was travelling, enabling me to navigate safely through the hazards that lay ahead. This ability to predict my future was enough to convince me they were real and had my best interests in mind. However, the communications were not just for my personal benefit. They knew I would record the information and share it with others for their benefit as well. I recorded the channelling on a cassette recorder, transcribed them onto my computer, and kept meticulous records of events in my journal.

We create from our beliefs
One important piece of information my spirit friends gave me was that we humans are creative, and that we create from our subconscious as well as our conscious minds. We create our individual experiences from our beliefs. Not only do we create our experiences, we also create our personal realities. For example, my reality incorporates spirit entities because I have experienced them and have included them in my belief system. For people who do not believe in spirits, they do not exist in those peoples’ realities. People can, of course, change or expand their realities by being open to change and letting go of old worn-out fears and doubts that hinder change.

A common belief is that evolution is a be a biological process that has been taking place for millions of years in the way postulated by Charles Darwin. That is certainly true, but there is another phase of our evolution that is largely ignored or overlooked. Part of human evolution is our spiritual growth. We have reached the point now where we are beginning to recognise that we are spirit as well as body. It is the spiritual component that provides us with consciousness. By failing to recognise that, we can limit ourselves in our creativity. Also, it inhibits our capacity to understand our connectedness. Nevertheless we are spirit regardless of our beliefs, and many people throughout history have demonstrated extraordinary creativity without being aware of their spiritual component.

There are many ways we can limit ourselves by consciously denying that we are spirit. All too often it is by adhering to certain religious dogma that we impose those limits on ourselves. Religion does not tell us we are spirit. Instead it tells us about an external God. By doing that we are led to believe that there is a God somewhere out there in the universe that wants us to behave in a certain way. Christians spent many years during the Middle Ages trying to convert Muslims because of the god they believed in. Now, a small minority of Muslims are killing people randomly because those people don’t subscribe to the same god that they do.

There are huge problems in the world apart from religious fanaticism. Socially and environmentally, the course we are pursuing is unsustainable. A better understanding of consciousness would enable us to understand where we are at this time, why we are there, and what we can do to help change things. I believe that the answers lie in knowing where we are in our evolutionary progress. Understanding duality is a part of the process because it defines the world as we know it. But there is much more to it than that.

The physical reality
What I am attempting to make clear is that our dominant focus is on the physical reality. In the physical world we have achieved great things, but it has come at a cost. We have reached the point where to continue on a materialistic course that requires continuous economic growth and consumption, has to change. It is not that we have taken the wrong course, for where we are is absolutely where we need to be. It is part of our growth in consciousness. We need to explore the material reality to its extremes, to experience everything that is possible. Global warming, massive hurricanes, terrorism and threat of nuclear war are just a few of the extreme scenarios confronting us as we enter the year 2019. As one of my spirit friends told me – “There can be no knowledge of the Light without knowledge of the darkness, and there can be no understanding of the arrival unless you have an understanding of the passageway”.

It would not be possible for physical and spiritual evolution to proceed together. If they did coincide, our spiritual growth would certainly inhibit our exploration of the physical domain. We are now very close to understanding the passageway through the physical reality. That is what I would call part of the Divine Plan. It has been a perfect phase in our consciousness evolution, and if we are indeed reaching the end of that phase, then we can expect some massive changes that will lead us into the next phase. As we are spirit as well as body, the next phase will certainly be the awakening and development of our spiritual component. How that will come about is uncertain. Going by the information given to me, it is likely to commence soon and with dramatic consequences.

The shift to a spiritual reality
We are not given precise details as to how or when these changes take place, but we are told why – “The misunderstandings, the crippled bodies, the downward spiral, is a consequence of being too much of the Earth. To be balanced is all that she desires of you - the material and the Light - the dance that gathers both together in an upward spiral to come home.” Also – “You realise that this is a heralding of the Christ Consciousness. This is an awakening of that which has lain dormant for many years of your time. This is a newness, a participation in the cosmic realms which you are about to graduate.”

The use of the word Christ should not be taken to relate only to the religions purporting to follow the teachings of the man Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus). The Christ is the spark of Divinity that exists in all people and has nothing to do with religion. Christianity as a religion was the creation of the Roman Emperor Constantine, based on the teachings of Paul in about 300 A.D.

In January 1992, I was told … “It has to do with expansion and rebirth. This is where you are at this time - a time of total rebirth and renewal. Nothing will be as it was before. There will be many things which you do not understand, and there will be many people who are not aligned with the Light at this time. Therefore you will see much devastation and agony. There can be no turning back from this point.”

These few words give us clues as to the nature of our shift into the next phase of our evolution. If the devastation does occur as predicted, it will be important to have an understanding of what it is about and to be positive rather than fearful. We need to focus on the Light rather than the losses.

“There will be a dividing of those who can see and those who are unable or have chosen not to. This will be in part painful, but will, as you see, be necessary, and those who are left behind will turn to another path and start on their new way home. This homecoming is for you and for those who are in similar Light vibration. There will be a cleansing of all those veils of doubt and muddiness, and you will emerge victorious and fully embodied in your new power and your new energy.”

“The world as you perceive it has been in transit for much time, and through each developing era (it) has required those who are in tune to assist it with its next step. You are but a link in the chain of this evolutionary process. Although we are aware of your great work, we are also aware of those who were before you and those before them.”


I was given a great deal of information about the coming changes, particularly of the incoming Christ Light. None of the information offered specific details. Because the material course we are on appears unsustainable and of immediate concern, it seems to me that the change are imminent. It is my personal interpretation that we are approaching the conclusion of the material phase of our evolution in consciousness and about to begin the spiritual phase. Time will tell if that is correct, although only a few will be aware of what it is about. My small attempts to share my understanding with others might be helpful. I hope it is, but it will need more resources than are at my disposal. My book, Lifting the Veils – a Search for Love and Truth, could be helpful. I have posted some information about it at www.christconsciousness.net  The web site also offers people the opportunity to list their names and email addresses so they can connect with each other and express their views.

And there shall be a gathering, a coming together, and we shall hold the Light, by the Light, for the Light, and the Christ rising through the Earth, and entering into every heart.

John Koch, October 2017

Understanding the passageway

​On November 14, 2017, I experienced an acute attack of depression. It was an unexpected and frightening experience. It lasted about 15 or 20 minutes, then diminished to a much lower level. As it persisted for a couple of days, I consulted a doctor who told me he had never heard of anyone having such an experience. The next day, my thoughts went to the message I received from spirit in the 1990’s. “There can be no knowledge of the Light without knowledge of the darkness, and there can be no understanding of the arrival unless you have an understanding of the passageway”.
At that moment, the low level depression dissipated completely. I realised immediately that it was one of the many experienced I needed on my life’s journey to contribute to my understanding of the passageway. I have had many unusual experiences in my life, some giving me great joy and some great pain. I have had some difficult experiences in the last year including two very uncomfortable surgical procedures. I began to see these experiences as positive ones, experiences that many people go through, experiences that have helped me to understand the suffering of others. They have helped me to understand what it is to consciously exist in a physical body, not just for myself but for all of humanity. I consider myself fortunate that I have had these experiences and that I have suffered no permanent debilitating damage.

In the case of depression, if that had persisted I would not have able or willing to continue the spiritual journey. Because it was such an unusual experience, I see it as a gift. I interpret it as contributing to my knowledge of the Light. I understand now what it means to be immersed in the physical reality and the purpose that serves – to participate in the evolution of consciousness through the physical phase. I look forward to participating in the next level the evolution of spiritual consciousness and to assist others in the process.
You are as a grass which you will weave into our basket, and the strength of your purpose, your focus, is as the strength of your grass. This is the container for those that hold the Light. You in your purpose become as a strand of grass. Others in their purpose also become as strands of grass, which is woven by yourselves into a container basket. Each of you holds the Light, and the basket becomes one of Light, one that can hold the Light, one that can shine, and one which can carry those who do not know the meaning of the Light.