I live in Barwon Heads and feel a deep connection to this beautiful place here. For me the area of headland where the Barwon River flows out to the Tasman Sea known as The Bluff is my "cathedral." It is where I go to deeply listen, to immerse myself in nature and to draw on the Earth's energy to replenish and refresh my being. I love being with the vast array of feathered, furred and finned creatures, the tiny insects, the plants, the water (watching it sparkle and move from above, and also being immersed in it) the elements and all that exists around that land.
For many years I have wondered about the energy line/ley line? I can feel from the top of The Bluff facing north to the You Yangs. This place is where I can see, feel and be at one with the whole dome of the sky...and the seven sacred directions...north, south, east, west, above, below and within. I have asked many people about this energy...Aboriginal Elders, friends...and more recently through a dear friend I was directed to the information John Koch so generously shares online (and also in his books) about the Southern Cross Landscape Temple. Reading about what he and many others experienced at the Healing Light Centre Oasis Anu Ta totally fascinated me as well as it's location right in the middle of the Temple. I deeply resonated with what occurred at Oasis Anu Ta and it made sense of many other experiences I have had and places I have been drawn to over many years. Light bulbs sparked and a joining of many dots as I read about all the extraordinary occurrences at that area of land at Parwan that spoke so deeply to John and his friends over many many years. 

Contributing to this wonderful website feels important at this time of Planetary Healing. When I deeply listen to the still place within and to the wisdom of our beautiful Earth I remember the truth of who I truly am and what I have come to do here on our beautiful planet. I feel a zinging energy through my whole body...deep within my bones. It feels as though my cells are dancing in joy. It is a true homecoming. 

It is exciting to be part of this beautiful basket being woven from the many, many grasses. I am grateful and give thanks to all the incredible work being done all over the world as we remember our At-One-Ment. 
I offer my heart and gratitude to all the Beings involved in building this Container for the Light...to the Great Mystery, to those things seen and unseen, known and unkown. 
A message which came to me last night was this..."It's time to shine...radiate the light. This is the Cosmic Dance between Spirit and Matter. Have fun, play. Be the Light! Be Galactic!"