From Alessandra Da Pra Love, Luxor, Egypt

Dearest John,
I am so very, very happy that you, Emily and Cindy got to spend valuable time together !!!!! I would love it if you feel to add me to your website. Sooooooo much that i would like to say here .. but, it may take a few emails. Regarding Beloved Akhenaten .. and many other great Beings .. i do believe that, as these times are sooooooo huge and important, on this beautiful planet, that Masters, Star Beings and Angels (all of which we have been, of course, over countless millenia) have sent many Aspects of themselves, into incarnation, at this time. So, Dearest John, if you feel in your Heart, that you may have been Akhnaten, then I would honour that. There could also be many, many other Embodiments on the planet, at present, who are also Aspects. The Times require it, as you Know, as there is soooooo much work to accomplish.
I will add something here, that i do not share, except when I feel that it is necessary, or that it will help in some way. I have memories of having been Meritaten, Akhnaten's oldest daughter. Now, having said that (and I do take on what you said hee hee), I do believe that there will be many other Aspects on the planet right now, who remember having been Meritaten. Just like, in the times of Beloved Jeshua, our Beloved 'Mary Magdalene's Oversoul, incarnated into more than one body back then .. because, back, like now .. the 'times' required it. Thankyou so much for adding the excerpt from your book !!!!!! No coincidence that I spent 7 years, living not far from the You Yangs etc wink wink .. and, I have downloaded your article long before that. Also, are you aware of the connection of the Austin family with the Geelong area John?
OK, lest I rabbit on too much, I will leave it there, for now .. I can tend to rattle on when areas that I AM passionate about. I AM so incredibly grateful that we have connected like this .. Divinely Guided of course, as we Know :) .. and yes, The Great Weaving is coming together more and more and more and more rapidly. I can rattle on for hours about our Beloved Akhnaten, who taught Unity Consciousness and was greatly misunderstood. Of course, the Amen priesthood hated him .. and called him the heretic .. because, like Beloved Jeshua .. he told the people, who he cherished, that they did not need a priest to contact our Mother~Father~Shimmering Light and Source of All .. he taught them that we are all ONE .. and that they could contact our Mother~Father any day and any time .. etc etc .. Such a beautiful Being he was .. and IS .. oh, did you know that Beloved Jeshua was incarnated back then as Yuya .. Joseph of the Many Coloured Coat? and it was Joesph/Yuya who married ThothMoses 4th's daughter Thuya and they had Tiye, who married Amenhotep 111 .. and they produced Akhnaten .. so, he was half Hebrew .. sorry .. still rattling on .. see what i meant John?!
With very much Love & Boundless Blessings in The One Heart ~.~ Alessandra XOX

Hello from Luxor Egypt Beloveds

My name is Alessandra Da Pra Love. Thankyou to Dearest John for having the trust to create this page for me to write whatever is meant to come. This is all new to me, so please forgive ;) Where to begin? I would like to add to this page, my Knowingness about Beloved Akhenaten, who was one of our greatest Teachers, and who was greatly misunderstood by many.

But first. How did i come to know of John? Several years ago now, i came across John's article about Landscape Temples and absolutely Loved it !!! Not realising at the time, that i would end up living close to the Sacred You Yangs, which forms one of the Stars on the ground, of the Southern Cross Landscape Temple. Once living close by, i felt drawn to go there and journeyed there many times. At some point, i emailed John, who said that he no longer owned Oasis Anu Ta and now lived on the other side of Melbourne. Dratsies !!! ;) .. i continued to feel very much Guided to Be at the You Yangs, on many occasions and i have shared Johns materials, countless times on facebook etc. More recently, friends of mine have also felt a huge connection to the You Yangs and the Southern Cross Landscape Temple. 

Recently, i moved from near the You Yangs, having been Called to return, once again to Luxor ... specifically, close to Malkata and the Theban Hills. More on this later. I was so absolutely thrilled to receive a message from Dearest Heart SiStar Emily, to say that she and another friend would be heading off to visit with John. Wow !!! I was so very, very happy to hear this news. Emily had also said that she had gone off in search of Parwan and had managed to come close :) Anyway, Emily also mentioned that Beloved Akhenaten had come up in the conversation with John. Immediately, all of the cells in my body began to Dance, as they do, when 'something is afoot' or something important .. good .. 'meant to Be' etc .. is about to happen. I emailed John and he returned my email. My Being here (on this page, not in Luxor) now, is a result of this. I Am so very Grateful to be given this space to write about my Passions .. which form a part of why I AM here, once again, on this Beautiful planet. And, i feel very strongly that, all of these connections that we have, with various physical places etc, is now coming together as a part of the final and Greater Weaving of Light. All is in the process of coming back into Balance and Harmony. Timelines, i believe, are being healed. Not that there is any time, but you all know what i mean. That which has been planned for so, so, so long will finally come to completion and fruition. Gosh, that was a lengthy preamble. Onto Akhenaten. There is much that i would like to write about him and i would also like to add photos and links etc .. if i can figure out how to do it. It took me about 10 mins to figure out how to edit this page, which John started.

Akhenaten, for those who are now as yet aware of him .. or, who know a little about him .. was previously known as Amenhotep IV. He later changed his name to Akhenaten (will add translation of this when i can either remember it .. or give up and google it).

He was one of our Greatest Lights and Spiritual Masters, just like his descendant Christ Jeshua. Descendant you say? Yes ;) 

You will all likely recall the story in the bible of Joseph and his Coat Of Many Colours? how he was sold into slavery in Egypt and ended up in the court of Pharaoh. Well, that Pharaoh was called ThothMoses IV. Joseph (YUYA in Egyptian) ended up marrying Thuya, the daughter of Thothmoses. Joseph/Yuya and Thuya, had Tiye and Ay etc. Tiye married Amenhotep 111 and Akhenaten was a result of this union. So, in actual fact, Akhenaten was half Egyptian and half Hebrew (or Semitic?). Tiye, being the daughter of Joseph/Yuya, greatly influenced her son's outlook on life. This is how Akhenaten brought (when he came to power) great reforms to the religion of the day. He believed in, and Knew, Unity Consciousness. I will write more on all of this later. Briefly though, he Knew that there is no such thing as Separation. He Knew that all are ONE. He loved his people very much and as such, wished to free them from the shackles that the Amen Priesthood had placed upon them. The Amen priesthood, for countless years, had become rich (much like many religions today) by telling people that they must have a priest, in order to communicate with God/the Gods and Goddesses. Same control tactics which have been used by the Church of Rome etc.

Akhenaten (just like Jeshua) abhorred all of this. He wished his people to be free of these imposed shackles and to come to the Awareness that we are all Sons and Daughters of the One Mother~Father Shimmering Light (Source/Birther/Creator) of ALL. That we are all Free. That we are all ONE. He desired to tell his people that they had a 'direct line' to 'God'. So, when he came to power, he closed all of the Amen Temples and took away the power of the Amen priests to rob the people .. he also took all the gold etc from the Amen Temples. Resulting in, of course, him being loathed and hated by the priesthood of Amen. Most Unfortunately, Akhenaten has become known as 'the heretic Pharaoh'. This saddens me greatly. But, i hope to be able to shed some Light on who he actually was and why he came .. just like Jeshua .. to return the Light and to add to the Christed Grids, which would come to completion with the crucifixion of Beloved Jeshua. 

More later. Interestingly, Akhenaten's son .. Tutankhaten .. has become one of the most famous Pharaohs of all time and is recognised by millions of people around the world. They tried to obliterate them from history .. but they did not .. and will not .. succeed. With Love & Boundless Blessings in The ONe Heart ~.~ Alessandra    ... oh and ps Beloved Jeshua was embodied back in the 18th Dynasty, as Joseph/Yuya. Aren't these Weavings amazing?!!!