The Angel spoke about the perfection in everything we experience …
As the world is, it is totally perfect, created perfect. So your understanding of it must also be of its perfection. Your assistance in this is welcome as always, and your intensity of focus is noted. There will be much growth after this. There are those barriers which were erected in this lifetime and in other lifetimes which are steadily becoming more eroded as your search for the Light intensifies. The wonderings of your material world are certainly relevant to you, but not of main purpose to us. That your understanding of the Light be total is our intent.
There is nothing in yourselves that is not of the Light. There is nothing of yourselves in your footsteps that is not perfect. The path on which you tread is your path which you have designed and built. You wonder in your blindness, but when you understand that where you are is your dwelling place, your eye will be open and your alignment will be true. You have set yourself a path on which to overcome the obstacles which you found necessary to set there for your foot. This path is perfect because it was from your understanding that it was designed. The path of the Christ is your dwelling place. There is a need for those obstacles which you directed, but it is not the need of the Christ. The need of the Christ is that you recognise His dwelling place in you. Then there is no necessity for the stumbling or the dark. There is no path you can take that does not lead to the Light within, and at every obstacle, as you have observed, to illuminate with His Light will dissolve that stony part, that difficulty. So why project your fears to assume the obstacle role in your life?

The Angel was saying that we create our problems because we need them for our growth; but once we recognise the Christ within there is no further need for obstacles. Solara uses different words, but her message is the same - “In the old template we could create anything we needed through thought. This is no longer necessary for we now exist in a template of such absolute perfection that effort and struggle are no longer required. The key here is TOTAL SURRENDER. (This is 100% surrender, 99% will not work.) By totally surrendering into the cloth of Oneness, into the mesh of the Greater Reality, we are able to experience a new level of ease which has never before been possible. We need ask for nothing … Everything is freely given.”

In these passages I saw the clues to surrender. Surrender had been a difficult concept for me because it seemed to be giving away power, submitting weakly all control over one’s life and becoming fatalistic, like a leaf blowing in the wind. Now I began to see it as releasing conscious control through mind planning and expectation. Horus clarified this for me further when he said - As the Light expands it may appear that your path grows dimmer, but this is in relation to expansion and the training of your other senses. You must rely more on the unseen as relates to your physical eyes, and the unheard as relates to your physical ears. The knowledge comes to you now through your crown and your etheric senses, and your illumination also through these. If you rely on your physicality you are impeding your progress. You are One with the Source …
The messages were saying that we are actually in total control, but that control is working from another part of ourselves that sees the overall plan for us and knows what is for our highest good. That is the part of ourselves that is One with God, our Higher Self. By surrendering to God, we are really surrendering to our Selves. The obstacles that we place in our paths are for the purpose of bringing us to that realisation.
I had previously believed that by resisting the natural flow, and trying to maintain control from our minds, the chances were we were placing ourselves in resistance to our souls' wishes for us. If that happened, we would experience that resistance as pain. Now I was beginning to realise that there is really nothing we do that is wrong, that all paths do indeed lead to the Light. It is the doubts and fears that we might be wrong that lead us to experience pain. That is not to say that we cannot be out of balance or out of alignment, which most of us are much of the time. It is the belief that such a thing is possible that brings it into our reality, and so it is the lack of belief in our own divine nature that opens the doorway to pain.
Because our minds have difficulty in grasping this paradoxical precept, our emotions strive to draw it to our attention, and our solar plexus is particularly good at doing that. By accepting that it is OK, in fact perfect for us at that moment to be out of alignment, by embracing it we cease to be that. We bring into balance the polarities of doubt and certainty, and ease the pain that accompanies doubt - transmute it! The first step is to put into action that which will correct what it is we perceive to be misaligned. That is our responsibility; it is our task at hand. By doing so we can alleviate the source of our discomfort, and recognise the power of right action.
I began to see surrender as a knowing that there was nothing I could do that was not God’s Will for me. Even so there might be painful experiences, but they also were given by Him in His purpose for me. By acknowledging them and giving thanks for them, I would be utilising the resources that were given me. By looking at the problems and accepting full responsibility for them and by suspending judgement of them, a greater understanding of their purpose would follow. Surrender is accepting the problems even when their purpose is not clear. By trusting their purpose, judgement of them can be lifted from the lower emotional levels to the heart, and there should be no need to experience discomfort from them. When surrender is total, when the dwelling place of the Christ is seen within, there should be no further need to place the obstacles along the path.
This was a major shift in thinking for me, and a step beyond the current new age belief that pain is caused by resistance. It is not that that is not true, but it is not the totality of it. That belief presupposes that error is possible. Total surrender, as I began to see it, assumes that all is of God and therefore error is impossible. With that comes the suspension of all judgement and all fear.
What this infers is that for countless thousands of years, since the so called ‘fall of man’, we have been placing our obstacles in our paths, creating our problems and our pain from an unconscious level of our beings. That has led us to believe that we are not responsible for our experiences, that they are either chance happenings or they are controlled by other people who attack us, or support us, or in some other way are responsible for what happens to us. Hence we attribute blame to others for our discomfort. We create from the belief that we are not responsible for our experiences, and the Universe supports us in that belief, resulting in conflict and chance happenings; at least that is how we perceive them. We utilise memory of past experience and projection of what might happen in the future to try and protect ourselves from being victims, and so compound the illusion.
Ptah was referring to the way we create from our beliefs when he said - You are truly wondrous beings. The reality which you have created is amazingly beautiful, devastatingly hurtful, brings you pain when you wish and brings you joy when you wish. All this you have created, and more. You have created this!
Now we have the opportunity to move into a new template of reality, not because the Universe is suddenly changing to a different modus operandus, but because we are learning to function within the universal structure in the knowledge that we are totally creative and totally responsible within the Whole by virtue of what we believe. Herein lies the practical path of surrender - surrender of all old beliefs, surrender of old patterns of fear and guilt and powerlessness, and acceptance that we are and always have been totally creative beings created in the image of the Ultimate Creator.

The shift out of separation into Oneness cannot happen at the mind level. The mind on its own cannot create. The mind is a processor of information. It can, however, set the intent for change. Because we are imbued with the attribute of free will, we are basically presented with two choices. Either we choose separation, within which we create unconsciously, or we choose to create consciously from a perception of oneness. This determines the way in which all other choices are made. To choose to change from one to the other cannot therefore be done at the mind level, and we must draw on other resources. We need, therefore, to have some understanding of the creative processes that are available to us in our current state of separation.
First of all, what is free will? Free will is the ability of a unit of consciousness to make a choice as an individual entity. It is a universal law that one conscious entity may not interfere with the free will of another. To do so results in serious karmic consequences. In duality, imposition of will is common. It takes place not only in the physical plane but in planes of different vibrational frequencies, and it is wise to exercise great discernment when working with entities that exist on those different planes. Spirit is not always what it presents itself to be. Any spirit entity that tells you what you must do is from the lower astral plane, and should be told where to get off. The same applies to your next door neighbour - unless you happen to ask for his advice.
Within Oneness all experiences are created consciously and in full alignment with Divine Will. Choices are made as free individuals, but the range of choices is different. The only choices available are those which are appropriate for the good of the whole, as we are in full knowledge that we are part of the whole and that what we do affects us in the same manner that it affects others. At that point in our evolution we will have chosen to dispense with non wholistic options, and we are guided in this by our feelings.


Creativity in separation takes place primarily from the unconscious levels of self. The mind can only create consciously when it is linked with the Higher Self through the emotions. Separation is a reality we have created in the belief that we are disconnected from each other, from our Higher Self, and from God, the creative Source. It is therefore not possible to create from the mind alone because it has no direct link with the Self. Instead our subconscious beliefs become the source of our creative power, because they are linked through our emotional body to our Higher Self. This is evident by the way in which our creative output respond to stimuli that affect us emotionally rather than mentally. A gifted artist or composer ‘feels’ rather than thinks his creations into form. This is the reason we have a subconscious mind, because therein lies our creativity. We can still create from our conscious minds, but the subconscious can get in the way and cancel out our conscious intent if that intent is in conflict with our subconscious beliefs. To be effective conscious creators we must therefore release our subconscious beliefs, especially if those beliefs incorporate limitation.
We accumulate various beliefs during our lives from the moment we are born. Many of those beliefs are the result of social, cultural or religious conditioning. Other beliefs we gain from actual experience. Mostly they are evident in our conscious awareness, but sometimes we relegate them to our subconscious because the experiences were unpleasant and we choose not to remember them. We also bring with us certain beliefs from past life experiences when those experiences impacted strongly enough to affect our soul patterning. Our soul patterning, sometimes referred to as cellular memory, is usually lodged in our subconscious, and can only be recognised through behaviour patterns that we keep repeating and cause discomfort for ourselves. Our beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, determine who we perceive ourselves to be, how we think, how we act, and how we feel.
When we experience emotions, we are really responding to events in the way our accumulated belief patterns interpret those events. Regardless of whether our emotions are large or small, pleasant or unpleasant, our Higher Self is obedient to those responses. The messages received by our Higher Selves are acted upon and manifested in our lives. This is the mechanism by which we create. Our thoughts on their own are not creative, but when they are coupled with emotion that is driven by our belief systems, they are very powerful.
Our egos create for us the illusion that we are in control. The ego, however, is just that aspect of ourselves that puts its faith in the belief systems we have accumulated, so in reality it is our ego that controls us. Many of the beliefs that sponsor the type of experiences we have are fear based. We become victims when we fear attack. We create poverty when we have a fear of having nothing; we have accidents because we believe they can happen. We draw to ourselves criticism when we are lacking in self image. We create sickness because we have placed personal power outside of ourselves. We fail in our objectives because we are afraid we might not succeed. It is the belief and focus on the ‘negatives’ of duality that so often direct our creative energy.
When our beliefs are socially or religiously conditioned, it requires considerable effort to break free of the inertia that anchors us to them. The collective belief is a thought form of considerable power as it permeates all individual belief systems within its sphere of influence. But it is only a thought form that is made up of individual beliefs, and can therefore be altered by the individuals that created it. As each individual changes his beliefs, the thought form or matrix is changed a small amount, and that makes it easier for the next individual and the next to make that same change. When a critical mass of individuals modify their belief systems, then the thought form is modified to the new patterning. Mass raising of consciousness can then occur.
At this point, with an understanding of the mechanics of creativity, and accepting that we are all responsible for what we create in our lives, it is necessary to transfer that understanding into ‘knowing’. We do this by living an experience that demonstrates to us that the knowledge is real. As I have said before, surrender is accepting the problems even when their purpose is not clear. By trusting their purpose, judgement of them can be lifted from the lower emotional levels to the heart, and there should be no need to experience discomfort from them.
Within a short time of reading this and absorbing what I have said, you will experience something that will cause you some discomfort, perhaps irritation, maybe even anger, perhaps sadness or grief. Whatever you feel will most likely be the result of interaction with another person, probably someone close to you. By embracing the situation, by not blaming someone else for the way you feel, and by accepting that it is perfect for you, you will change the way you feel. The anger or whatever it is you felt will lift, you will feel the emotion from your heart instead of your solar plexus and the pain will leave. It is as simple as that!

The closest we can come to creating consciously in ‘separation’ is to make a commitment at a deep enough level for it to become incorporated into our belief system. But there are dangers in this if we are not clear on where we are putting our faith. For example - a commitment to God could become a commitment to our personal/collective interpretation of what God is, and that ‘god’ becomes our reality. This has been the single greatest cause of conflict, killing and war throughout history. When one religious group creates a reality around an image of God that works for them, they try to impose that image on others because they believe it is the only true image.
Some people have success with creative visualisation, but really that is only a way of expressing a commitment to a specific outcome. For that outcome to be positively achieved, the commitment must be firmly anchored in the heart, as the mind does not have the power to create on its own. Also there must be no attachment to the outcome. Any attachment to the outcome infers a fear that it might not be achieved, thereby initiating a fear based creative energy that prevents manifestation occurring. Preferences, however, are selective choices and assist the creative process - indeed they are essential in establishing direction.
People who are creative in the arts, crafts and sciences generally have an unconscious link with Higher Self (as we all do) which is sufficiently strong for creative energy to flow and find expression in their particular field of endeavour. In some areas of our society, it is acceptable to use intuition; in other areas, where measurement can be used, it is not, that is unless the idea can be proved mathematically or by experiment. Without detracting from its value, most art that is presented as creative work comes from mental re-arranging of old ideas.
The source of true knowledge and creative expression comes from within - from intuition, from the heart. That is the inner part of our being that connects us with the Whole, with Universal Truth. The shift out of separation must be an inner one, triggering a purification process that enables us to see the beauty and perfection of all that surrounds us and enables us to understand our true creative potential. This leads to a new level of alignment with Divine Will, a level at which duality, the perception of good and evil, becomes irrelevant. The mind can then respond within that new perceptual framework and become fully integrated within the Whole, thus enabling us to become consciously creative beings.
My understanding is that Jesus achieved that, and in so doing became the embodiment of the Christ Spirit. The Christ is already within us, and it is through the growing awareness of that, combined with commitment, intent and discipline that we are brought into our true power. The Christ Energy is the symbol and the substance of God’s Love. What Jesus achieved came through incredible dedication and discipline. His life was a demonstration of the highest level of human aspiration.
To achieve the level that he attained would be extraordinarily difficult for us to accomplish on our own in the context of our present cultural and social environment. What is possible now, largely because of our advanced communications technology, is for those who reach a high level of spiritual awareness to share that understanding with others. The information helps others to expand their own awareness. When the newly acquired knowledge is combined with dedicated action and discipline, it raises the vibrational patterns of the auric field which in turn influences the molecular vibrations of the physical body. The being is in the doing! We become in our lives the things that we choose to experience as our reality by acting without judgement as if it is already so.
According to the Angel, when we reach a certain frequency differential we are able to be affected by incoming Light energies which will further enhance our vibrations. All things on the planet which resonate with this incoming Light will be affected, including the molecular structure of our physical bodies. The effect of this is described - There is in you that which is of lightness and higher vibration which will be affected, and yet the effect will only be noticed by what affect this has on outlying structures. You will be aware of new power, new emanation from your physical body which will affect things and people around you, but it will not be visible to your eye. It is a strengthening of a vibrational body which is, of course, unseen by you, but very definitely noticed by us, and its colour change will be quite substantial. You realise that this is a heralding of the Christ Consciousness. This is an awakening of that which has lain dormant for many years of your time. This is a newness, a participation in the cosmic realms which you are about to graduate.

Enlightenment is something we choose. We choose ourselves. There is no judgement from on high for those who have earned enough points to be deserving of it. It is a co-creative process, one that requires unconditional love and mutual encouragement and support at all levels of matter and spirit. Because of our inherent interconnectedness as individual parts of the whole, we affect other people within the range of our energy fields through the process of morphogenic resonance. Each transmits his vibrational program by emitting wave patterns at a harmonious and seductive frequency, and the photons or light particles within the atoms of adjoining structures begin to resonate and vibrate at the new frequency. This is most effective when transmission and reception frequencies are similar. The higher frequencies tend to lift the lower ones to their level.
Ptah spoke of the importance of sharing information with words, but suggested that the main communication takes place at a vibrational level - As you grow and become more in tune, so these vibrations will reach others. Your words may be important, and may initiate meetings, but the most important is your resonance and your enlightenment and your flowing of the love which passes from you to those who would come to learn of this. There is much that happens at soul level. With words you can arrest the attentions and give a primary focus, but (what happens at) the soul level, and the information that passes between bodies is now becoming more of a vibrational nature. Your words are important - don’t get me wrong, but of main importance is this aura that you will project.
When our vibrations are raised we can recognise the changes in ourselves by observing greater levels of synchronicity in our lives. The birds, the wind, the clouds, even our bank manager and the supermarket checkout person start responding to us differently. Our ability to manifest our needs and our desires is enhanced. This is what the Angel referred to as the affect we will have on outlying structures. Our psychic powers will grow. Peace, joy, and abundance become our normal reality. When our physical bodies reach a sufficiently high frequency they become ‘lighter’, and we are able to experience other dimensional parameters, even perhaps to transcend death as Jesus did when he entered his Light Body.
In order to reach sufficiently high vibrational levels for resonance to occur with the incoming Light energies, it is imperative that we do our preparation. Total commitment! Releasing old belief patterns! Non attachment! Non judgement! Purity of intent! Service to the highest good! Accepting responsibility for everything we experience! Unconditional love! The willingness to do these things is how we make our choice.