Excerpts from Lifting the Veils

It can be seen in this book that I was given a great deal of information about the coming changes, particularly of the incoming Christ Light. None of the information offered specific details. Because the material reality that humanity is focussed on appears to be unsustainable and of immediate concern, it seems to me that the changes are imminent. It is my personal interpretation that we are approaching the conclusion of the material phase of our evolution in consciousness and about to begin the spiritual phase. Time will tell if that is correct. When the changes happen as predicted, only a few will be aware of what it is about. My small attempts to share my understanding with others might be helpful. I hope they are, but it will need more resources than are at my disposal. This book, Lifting the Veils – A Search for Love and Truth, could be helpful. I have posted some information about it at .  The web site also offers people the opportunity to list their names and email addresses so they can connect with each other and express their views. What prompted this was a message I was given … “And there shall be a gathering, a coming together, and we shall hold the Light, by the Light, for the Light, and the Christ rising through the Earth, and entering into every heart.”

There has to be an infinite power and infinite consciousness that created the universe. Within all cultures and societies there is almost universal recognition that such a creative force exists. It is given many names, but in western culture it is most commonly referred to as ‘God’. Although the name ‘God’ is generally associated with religious convictions, I have continually used it for convenience, even though I do not personally associate with any particular religious structure. According to the Christian Bible, God created man in His Own Image. Now if God is the Ultimate Creator, and I hereby establish the premise on which everything else I speak of is based, that God Is, in fact God is ‘All That Is’. It follows that man, being a conscious entity, must be a creative being. Many religions teach that God is outside of us, a great indeterminate being who looks down on us from above and loves us (or judges us in some cases). In contrast, the concept of God as All That Is is inclusive and establishes the fundamental basis of our capacity to be creative.

All of Creation emanates from the Mind of God. Putting it another way, Divine Thought is the power and the substance of all creation. Bearing in mind that we are limited beings, to tap into Divine Thought would not necessarily provide us with a knowing of all things, but it would enable us to exercise prime options in the context of where we are at the time. Alignment with Divine Thought or Divine Will provides us with an ability to know things or do things that do not come from the memory base of our physical minds. The search for Truth is the search for self knowledge. Somewhere within us lies a source of knowing that gives us the capacity to discern our location within the universal flow and enables us to consciously create. It is this inherent ability to create that enables us to experience duality in all its extremes, to taste the fruit of the tree of good and evil. And it is the way in which we exercise our creative power that determines the extreme nature of our collective experiences.

The so-called ‘fall of man’ is reference to the loss of racial awareness that we are creative beings in the full sense, and the loss of knowledge of who we really are. We achieved this state of decline by focussing on the material world and losing knowledge of the fact that we are primarily spirit living in physical bodies as part of All That Is. We are fragments of the Ultimate Spirit, and as such, we are God experiencing Himself in matter. (I refer to God in the masculine for convenience only.) We are units of individual consciousness participating in the process of creation and relaying back to the Prime Creator information about Himself within the extreme levels of His Creation. So when God created the world of matter, why did He create good and evil? Well, I suggest He did not! What He created was a system in which there is the capacity for His living creations to exercise free choice and explore the possibilities within that system. When that choice involves imbalance within the natural law of polarities, the imbalance is manifested as misaligned perceptions and experiences that cause us discomfort and fear-based emotions. Or, of course, to experience love, joy and compassion. It is the purpose of the negative responses, not to witness evil and to be punished for our sins (as some religions would have it), but to gain the knowledge of evil and to be drawn back into alignment.

So what we have done over many thousands of years, is to accumulate experiences that have been painful, not knowing that they are the safeguard to our losing total contact with the Source. When our emotions signal joy, the message is we are on track in that moment. Our feelings are our greatest asset, for not only do they guide us through life’s journey, but they are also the source of our creative power. As fragments of the Source, we have the ability to create from belief, and what we believe becomes reality for us. The truth of this is obscured by the fact that we create our experiences from our subconscious as well as our conscious mind. Because what is lurking in our subconscious is not clearly evident to us, we find it difficult to accept responsibility for some of our unwanted experiences.

When belief is activated into thought, then thought in harness with emotion becomes the creative energy. It is the emotion or feeling, either arising out of or independent of thought, that is the key to our creativity. That is because our emotions are so closely associated with our beliefs. Very many of our beliefs arise out of past experiences that have triggered emotions, and they become etched into our belief systems. We carry our past memories to help create our future.

The nature of duality is such that instead of consciously creating a reality that is uniformly pleasing, joyful and loving, we have separated ourselves from spirit and brought about imbalance. We have observed fear and pain and suffering, and by developing belief in them we have created them as a feature of our reality. In our obsession with the physical world we have applied our judgement to our personal experiences and to the experiences that we have perceived others to have had, and we have classified them into good and evil or somewhere in between. It is the human capacity to create what we believe that has surrounded us with the experiences associated with what we perceive to be the duality of good and evil.

Everything around us is a reflection of our belief systems. Our outer environment is a mirror of our inner selves - our experiences, our families, our friends, our problems, our joys, our health, our wealth, our poverty - all are reflecting back to us what we are and what we believe ourselves to be. And we are what we believe. There is nothing that we experience that we do not draw to ourselves. We do this as individuals, but we also do it collectively, because in fact we are not really separate in consciousness. In many situations, the power of the collective consciousness tends to override that of the individual, unless the individual is very strong as it was with the man Jesus for example.

If evidence is needed that we are really interconnected through our relationship with All That Is, we only need to look at quantum mechanics where experiments show that the observer is connected with the experiment and influences the outcome by just observing. The interconnectedness in occult terms is called ‘Oneness’, whereas science uses the quaint expression ‘Entanglement’.

Everything we have is transient. This can apply to money, possessions, relationships or positions of power. We go to enormous lengths to protect what we have - we work to accumulate more, we insure against loss, we build barricades around our possessions, we sign contracts with our partners and our business associates so they won’t desert us or take advantage of us, we use pills and ointments to keep our health and beauty, and if we are in positions of power we tell lies and sometimes even employ armies to help keep us there. When we have an attachment to something, we have a fear of losing it. We have a belief that loss is possible. Universal consciousness responds to that belief and obliges accordingly.

There are some things, however, that we truly love, and when that love is pure and unconditional, we feel secure about them, and we allow those things to be in our lives without fear of losing them. We love them, but we don’t have a fear based attachment to them. Those are the things that remain with us. When we have a fear that we may lose something, we simply have a belief that we may lose that thing, and Universe Consciousness supports us in that belief. If there is something we want that we don’t have, and we have a belief that there is a lack of it in our lives, we create the not having of it. The key to permanent abundance is to fully appreciate what we have, and to release our attachment to having or not having. If there is a real lack in our lives, and we recognise it as a true need of which we are deserving, we can allow it into our lives. But we must create the space for it to enter. The process of learning to consciously create is through changing our beliefs. And the starting point is the desire to change, the making of commitment.

The Universe is like a vast computer. It responds to the buttons we press and enters us into a software program that sets up our next move and determines the potential outcome of each move. As the programs are infinitely variable, we need to choose the one that sets up the optimum path that will enable us to reach our objective most efficiently. It is commitment that enters us into the program of our choice. Making a commitment is like opening a doorway to our objective. Once we are through the doorway and entered into the program of our choice, we need to understand how the program works and which keys to press to bring about the next step on the pathway to achieving our objective. That is where our beliefs play such an important part, because we tend to decide each step according to what we believe will happen to us if we make a certain move. The Universal Computer will most certainly oblige. 

Fortunately, we humans are provided with an in-built operation manual. It is called our emotional body. Our planetary vehicle is equipped with sensory devices that keep us informed as to where we are on our path and whether or not we are on track. Most important amongst these sensory devices are our emotions, for it is they that tell us when we are out of balance with Universal Law, that we have made some sort of error in functioning within our program. If we experience some sort of uncomfortable or painful emotion, it is a guide or a warning signal that there is an error or an imbalance, and we can look to see what it is.

What most of us tend to do is to use our minds to find the answer, but our minds are controlled by our beliefs. Our minds assess what we have learned or experienced from our past, and project for us answers that are interpretations of our established beliefs, whether those beliefs be conscious or subconscious. The heart, however, is our link with Source, and is only capable of giving true answers. When we make a decision or act in some way that evokes a heart response and makes us feel good, we say we are using our intuition. “Do what makes your heart sing” is advice given me by one of my spirit guide Ptah who appears frequently in the chapters of this book. I thoroughly recommend that advice to all. 

This brings me back to the theme that in the greater reality there is no right and no wrong - there is only ‘what is’. There are many levels of reality, and we are all creating our individual realities. If we believe in right and wrong then they become part of the reality we experience. We are all functioning in our human bodies according to what we have experienced and what we have learned - the beliefs that we have accumulated. Much of what we have accumulated has come from past life experiences, for what we perceive ourselves to be in this life is just a fragment of the totality of who we are.

There is a component of who we are that links us to what we refer to as past lives. It is called the soul. The soul accumulates memories from past lives and thereby enables us to evolve in consciousness. Soul memories generally dwell in the subconscious, but they have a very important role.
The reason we are here is to experience and to learn, and it would be impossible to experience everything in one lifetime. Many of us have been kings, and we have also been peasants; we have been murderers and we have been murdered. Some of us have been through thousands of lifetime cycles, and others have been through very few. Whatever memories we have gathered we carry in our soul.

We are all here for the same reason - to experience, to learn from our experiences and thereby expand our awareness. In fact it is the younger souls who deserve the most compassion, for it is they that are still exploring the darker levels of 3-dimensional reality, which is important for their growth. We are all subject to Universal Law and are here to learn about the world of matter and to expand our awareness towards God-consciousness whilst in our physical bodies. None of us is better or worse than the other, but each of us is on a different rung of the ladder, at a different stage in our growth.

The slowness of the path to awareness is because we continue to create outcomes in our lives from our beliefs, many of which dwell in our subconscious. Certain experiential patterns keep repeating themselves, until eventually we might decide we have had enough and try to understand and deal with the issues that induced those patterns. If we decide to accept that we create our outcomes at some level of our consciousness, we can speed up the development of awareness enormously. Once the choice is made and the door is open, we can start recognising how our feelings are guiding us to make changes in the way we think and act. We become more conscious of our personal input into the events that we experience, and we start to take responsibility for them. We see the patterns in our lives and understand that the root cause lies within our subconscious beliefs about ourselves. If we choose, we can let go of the beliefs that no longer serve us. Then we can integrate all aspects of ourselves and experience complete self-acceptance. The ultimate step is to see through illusion and perceive what is actually so, to find truth and love. It is called enlightenment.

Each of us has a right to be here and to do what we are doing. If we are not comfortable with what some people are doing, we are free to exercise discernment and not be a part of it. If we choose to oppose what others are doing because we discern it to be wrong, then that is OK too. It is part of our learning to do that, but I believe we should do it with the awareness that they are also doing what they came here to do. It is about discernment, but also about suspending judgement. It is about taking total responsibility for ourselves rather than diverting that responsibility to others, or trying to control them and make them fit in with our beliefs. It is good to help others if the desire to help comes from commitment and compassion, but not to take away from them their responsibility for themselves. 

To some who read these words, it will be a knowledge they already have. Others will find the concepts new and challenging. Some will find it does not fit with their concepts of reality, and will reject it out of hand. ‘Lifting the Veils’ is not an attempt to try and persuade others of my personal beliefs, as each is entitled to his own. It is simply the story of my relationship with a small area of land, and the experiences that came out of that relationship. Those experiences have helped construct for me a completely different perception of reality from the one I started with. On many occasions I attempted to make sense of what was happening, either from my own logical and intuitive thoughts, or from information derived from others that I found to be helpful to my understanding. But it was only in the actual living of the experiences that they made complete sense for me. It is important to state this, because it is only by personal experience that we truly learn our lessons and anchor them into our reality.

Much of what I relate will appear to some as strange and unfamiliar, as it was to me at the time. To my knowledge, many of the phenomena I encountered on this journey had never been experienced before. I questioned everything, but even when they made no sense I could not deny they were my experiences. As I learned to accept that everything has purpose, I looked for meaning, and found it. Sometimes the meaning was clear immediately, but more often than not it was months or years before it came to me fully. Out of the puzzle evolved an awareness of an amazingly beautiful and wondrous reality, a reality that incorporates multiple dimensions of living consciousness of which our own physical dimension is just a part. It is a reality which I created for myself to be a part of, not because I believed in it and wanted to participate in it, but because I did not know about it and I wanted to find out. I made a commitment to it. I made a commitment to search for Love and Truth. 

I remember the day when I made that commitment. From that very instant my life began to change. Step by step, year by year, Love and Truth revealed themselves to me. And they were not at all what I imagined they would be. The journey took me to the highest levels of wonder and joy, but it also pitched me into the deepest levels of darkness and despair. Ahead of me always shone the Light that guided my footsteps. Because of my commitment to the path of Truth it was necessary for me to understand the journey, for only then could I know the destination. As I was told in a message from spirit – ‘There can be no knowledge of the Light without knowledge of the darkness, and there can be no understanding of the arrival unless you have an understanding of the passageway.’

That part of the universe that we perceive with our physical senses, that which I refer to as the third dimension, is one component of a system of multiple universes that exist at different vibrational frequencies or harmonics. The awesome complexity of the fabric of these multiple realities is impossible to describe or understand within the limitations of human intelligence. A simplified concept, as previously described, envisages the Creator as the Absolute One, and in order to manifest from a state of potentiality, One became unifiedly polar, resulting in Two. The principle of polar opposition is a prerequisite for vibration to occur, and as we are aware, all energy and all matter are ultimately vibration. It is the frequency and the amplitude of the vibration that determines its state. Vibration requires polar opposites to set the parameters of oscillation, for without it creation remains in potentia. One begets two in the polar image of the One. Within the Two there is the potential for Three, within Three there is Four, and so on. Thus within the vast diversity of all creation, all are holographic images of the One.

At each level of creation, the process of creation proceeds to a lower vibratory plane, so that within each harmonic, the consciousness of the One manifests as individual but inter-connected units of consciousness, each of which becomes a co-creator, but at a less refined level. All are linked within the creative logic of Universal Intelligence, and all are maintained within the spectrum of Divine Order. For man to know himself, he must know his relationship to the Source.

In the year 2017 during a revision of this book I discovered several important matters that are relevant to this present time. On many occasions spirit spoke of the incoming Christ Light. It was evident that this is the principal message and the main purpose of the communications. I saw my role as document the information and making it available to others in order to help them understand the true nature of the coming changes.
“You asked how you may stay focussed and balanced, and my answer was to focus on the Christ Light. Look at the cross and feel the violet flame and the white light.”

“My child, you have become a light unto your world and a prayer unto mine altar. Harken to these my words, that you may be of good cheer. Do not doubt your Higher Self my child, and trust always in your God and in your Christ Light. The energy that you have awakened will enable the transformation of the area on Earth that you know as Victoria, and beyond the line drawn boundaries of this place. It shall be known as a Light Centre and an illumination unto those who shall seek.”

“You must understand that in your consciousness there is this growth of the Christ Light which is forming the seed of a new vibrational body . . . The Christ cometh in Light, and this Light will join with the energy that was implanted here. This Light shall radiate and fill your beings and bring you home. Your part is to recognise that within is the Light. Go within and find the Light and use this Light to heal and to protect. In your quiet, radiate, fill the world, fill your country, and the stars shall dance to welcome your safe return, your return out of darkness, of matter and grief. There is no end to the Light, and the joy and the beauty. It is forever.”
These words brought to mind the equal sided cross, the Cross of the Aquarian Christ, that I helped anchor into the land at Oasis Anu Ta many years earlier.

I described in Chapter 13 during a session of self healing, how I felt within me the symbols of a six pointed star and an equal sided cross. The star was located in the area of my heart chakra. The location of the Cross was elusive, but with intense mental effort I was also able to firmly locate it into my heart. On the land there was an existing star energy patter. I felt that there should now be a cross at the star site. Sure enough, on investigating the site, centrally located, a Cross had appeared. It was January 1993. I found that the Cross was slowly expanding in size. In Chapter 15 I describe how the star and the Cross had relocated to the Grove, the main energy site. The Cross then covered the entire 90 hectare property. I lay on the ground at the Grove and the face of Jesus appeared in the low level turbulent clouds above. It remained there unchanged for about eight seconds.

In September 2018, nearly 26 years later, the Cross covers over 99% of the planet. When it covers the planet in early 2019 I anticipate there will be a shift out of the predominant material based reality to a more spiritual reality. The information provided by my spirit guides is that this will be accompanied by serious devastation. A likely scenario is that there will be a shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles. This is given some credibility in the book “The Keys of Enoch” by J. J. Hurtak … 
Key 118:17 - Before the new story of creation happens, the Earth will go through gross geo-magnetic and catastrophic changes as the magnetic regions of the North and South Poles release “their torque”, spinning the shell of the Earth into the new program of existence. Key 118:17 states that the changes will be catastrophic. I include below some more of the communications I was given relating to the coming changes. They also indicate it will be a very difficult time for many people.

“There (will) be many whose fear will ignite and spread and cause much upheaval. For your peace of mind it may be wise to prepare your physicality for that which you fear may come, but you must greet this change with love and joy, and hold the Light in the midst of the fear and disturbance. If you can do this purely by focussing on the Christ Light within, then that would be sufficient, but if you feel that you need to have some reality to hold to in order to assuage your fears, then that would perhaps be a wise thing.”

“This is a healing time and a growing time, but you will live to see the fruits of your endeavours. Be as the fiery arrow, burning the bushes of guilt and negativity. You have entered the flow, the Oneness of the Christ is with you – the building blocks for the new dimensions.”

In Chapter 6 Ptah also speaks of a shift in the Earth’s (magnetic) poles that determine our longitude and latitude grid lines … As you have a latitude and a longitude on your planet to align the poles and the time span between. You also have a grid pattern to align the energies and the space/time between. This patterning on the Earth, and the grid points of most generate

d energy have been there for much length of time as you understand it. With the subtle change in energies as will happen over the next small time, the grid shift will become accomplished. This is your Earth energy shift, and has nothing to do with your imposed, drawn lines (placed) for your convenience.

"The energies contained in the new grids will become as more solid, and will therefore accomplish a physical shift in your Earth’s physicality, which will enable the lines you draw and the poles which are your focal points for these lines, to change also. As you are aware, the subtle body must be shifted first and then the physical will follow. This happens with small things as you understand them, with your manifesting and your ideas of new, better and different material assets; so the Higher Ones perform this task with your Earth, together with your Earth’s consent and full awareness.
To assist this in Light and in Love and in total harmony can only be the right way to enter a change. Any fear or doubt or regret for old traditions and ways interrupts the flow and causes imbalance, and so disharmony, and with this also can be what you know as pain and suffering. Therefore you are advised to focus on the Light and you will find that the Earth changes which ensue will not be of such great risk to you and those who are aligned with you at this time. There must be these changes."

A predicted shift in the Earth’s geo-magnetic poles brings to mind a message received on March 1, 1992, recorded in Chapter 5 … “And there shall come a great Wind of Light that shall sweep across the Earth, and that which is not of the Light shall be swept away and left as leaves in the autumn. This Wind shall not carry death and destruction, but Light and Illumination, and those that will fly in this Wind shall become part, and shall be caused great sorrows and great rejoicings, losses and renewals; and this shall be called the New Wave, the Light Wave. For your Mother knows you and acknowledges your work, and your Father also sees and lends you His words to speak. And your Earth shall be wrapped in a mantle of Light, and you shall acknowledge the One, for there is no Truth but in the Light, no Love but with the Light - for the Christ is here. Rejoice. Rejoice. And fly in the Wind. Spread your Light and fly in the Light, and speak your truth. There shall come a mighty Wind out of the Sun, and it shall cause a great trembling and a great rejoicing. And in His Spirit you shall be lifted up, and in His Name you shall be counted.”

A solar wind is a stream of charged particles released from the upper atmosphere of  the Sun. These particles include electrons, protons and alpha particles. Embodied within the solar wind plasma or corona mass ejection is the interplanetary magnetic  field. A solar wind of sufficient magnitude and energy could conceivably affect the Earth’s magnetic field, possibly causing the geo-magnetic poles to change location. I have no scientific basis for suggesting this could happen, but it seems to fit with other information I have been give. It is not possible to accurately predict such future events, but I feel it is likely to happen in my lifetime.. Everything indicates it will be catastrophic, but most importantly it is a heralding of the incoming Christ Light. We are advised to focus on the Light.

There was more talk about a future time when there will be much devastation and division . . .
“It has to do with expansion and rebirth. This is where you are at this time - a time of total rebirth and renewal. Nothing will be as it was before. There will be many things which you do not understand, and there will be many people who are not aligned with the Light at this time. Therefore you will see much devastation and agony. There can be no turning back from this point. You must remember that we love you and you are as with us. Now this is your path and your wish as you demonstrated to us, and (you will) be shown the next step and then the next and the next. Be not afraid for we are with you, and our love and our power surround you. There can be no joy in this, but there will be much work for you. You are unaware of the greatness of this time. Your understanding is like your material body, so small. Your understanding will grow, and your compassion, and your knowledge of those things which you will find great need of in comforting ."

"Those who do not, cannot understand. Therefore, wrap yourselves always in the Light, and be as a beacon to those who would …”
“There will be a dividing of those who can see and those who are unable or have chosen not to. This will be in part painful, but will, as you see, be necessary, and those who are left behind will turn to another path and start on their new way home. This homecoming is for you and for those who are in similar Light vibration. There will be a cleansing of all those veils of doubt and muddiness, and you will emerge victorious and fully embodied in your new power and your new energy.”

These communications give us some idea of what lies ahead, and it doesn’t sound as though it will all be fun. If we look at the world as it is at the moment, we can see there is a great need for change, and it is obvious that something dramatic will be needed to guide humanity on a more balanced and sustainable course. I was given some advice on how I could assist people through this process. It starts by bringing like minded people together … “Yours is the task of gathering together the souls that will listen. Yours is the task to build a haven in my name - a place of safety and of love. There is much to do. If you are steadfast in your desires and hear our voices, you can achieve.”

“And there shall be a gathering, a coming together, and we shall hold the Light, by the Light, for the Light, and the Christ rising through the Earth, and entering into every heart … You have much to learn, and there are many grasses in this basket, and each one has its place and its purpose. You are as a grass which you will weave into our basket, and the strength of your purpose, your focus, is as the strength of your grass. This is the container for those that hold the Light. You in your purpose become as a strand of grass. Others in their purpose also become as strands of grass, which is woven by yourselves into a container basket. Each of you holds the Light, and the basket becomes one of Light, one that can hold the Light, one that can shine, and one which can carry those who do not know the meaning of the Light. We are also part of your basket, as you are part of ours. The gathering will occur when the basket is woven and the links are made with those who are in the Light. This will be a containment - the gathering - the end of this solitude. Then you will understand at-one-ment, then you will be at-one-ment, then you will be at one with the Light. And then your journey will begin.”

“There are numbers that we gather together as streams of Light between our fingers. You will form the strand, the note, the thread, which will be used to weave and embroider. By your knowledge and your Light you shall grow, and by your Light we shall see you, and we shall harvest your threads and weave them together to form this new bridge between the old and the new.”

It seemed that I was being asked to connect people together with the unified purpose of anchoring the incoming Christ Light. How do I do that? I have no platform from which to speak. A new acquaintance, Prakriti, an information technology expert and committed to help raising human consciousness, suggested I create a web site that would attract people from around the world to join an on-line community. Based on what was available and likely to be found through search engines, I chose the domain name . It was to be the container basket. “Each of you holds the Light, and the basket becomes one of Light, one that can hold the Light, one that can shine, and one which can carry those who do not know the meaning of the Light.”

The intention was to create a venue where people could access relevant information, express their views and register their names and contact details. This would enable them to communicate with each other and to post their own thoughts and suggestions. If successful and in sufficient numbers, this should create a positive vibration that will anchor the Light. As individuals we create our own reality. Together we can create a new reality for mankind. For me, this was a huge undertaking, for its success would depend on thousands of people being involved. Based on early lack of interest and inability to reach many people, I began to doubt that we could do it. Prakriti is a very positive and committed person, and she sent me the following message …
“Web sites and taking our voice to those who want to be part of a bigger picture or anything like that takes time. I can understand it could be a bit frustrating and demoralizing as human mind wants to run everything on its own timeline :-) while Universe works on its own timeline. Remember in your book Wharumbidgi says - we all create our own mountains and then attempt to climb them in order to feel significant. - That has a special hidden meaning which is related to Time. We want things to flow, life to keep on moving, dancing. Non-Movement, Stillness, Silence to us feels like death feels like stagnancy. But it is not so. Once we drop a pebble into the pond the ripples keep on going in the deeper layers of the pond even though eyes cannot see beyond the surface layer. All I can say is do not lose heart and do not lose courage and trust the timeline and purpose that Universe has for anything and everything. Your website and all your work was never about making you a celebrity, it is always about unleashing the wisdom that you have inside so others can carry the torch in future and can perform the same cleansing when needed in order to make a way so Earth can ascend and so can people and above all Harmony can be achieved in this existence. That wisdom is not supposed to reach masses anyway as it's mystical and has a sacred purpose, not everyone is worthy of carrying the Torch further. You and I are merely the mediums for all that Universe has planned.”

There is a plan, a Divine Plan, for this planet Earth, and many of us have important parts to play. We exist in the furthermost, densest level of creation. It began at the Source and expanded out to here. Now the flow is reversing, for although we retain our physical bodies, we are returning to the Source. Each of us, as we release our old patterns and raise our consciousness a little bit higher, so does the entire universe lift with us. Beyond our finite world, that which is happening here is reaching out to all the other levels. Our friends in higher planes need us as much as we need them.
My intended purpose of this book is to pass on the information that was given to me during my search for Love and Truth. It is not for all to know or understand, for many of us are not yet ready. There are massive changes that lie ahead. We are not given precise details as to how or when, but we are told how to prepare should we so choose. We are also told why – “The misunderstandings, the crippled bodies, the downward spiral, is a consequence of being too much of the Earth. To be balanced is all that she desires of you - the material and the Light - the dance that gathers both together in an upward spiral to come home. Also - You realise that this is a heralding of the Christ Consciousness. This is an awakening of that which has lain dormant for many years of your time. This is a newness, a participation in the cosmic realms which you are about to graduate.”

For my part, I have tried to be discerning and logical in all that I have written. From within the reality which I have created for myself, it all makes sense. For others whose reality is very different it will appear to be non-sense, for they have yet to peer through the veils of illusion. Many will find the changes difficult and painful, and that is already happening in many places throughout the world. It is hard for us to observe the suffering of others, but we can take some comfort from knowing there is no judgement from on high; we have each created our reality from our beliefs, and we are all exactly where we need to be. It’s our evolution in consciousness, not our comfort, that is the name of the game.

"It is not only the Earth that will be shaken, it is the very foundations of your beliefs and your understandings up to this time, and we would prepare you for this intense change. Unless you are connected, you too will be scattered. There is no place for fear or doubt or negativity. Your focus and your will aligned will hold you squarely, and you will find yourself in the right place at the right time."

"The Christ cometh in Light, and this Light will join with the energy that was implanted here. This Light shall radiate and fill your beings and bring you home. Your part is to recognise that within is the Light. Go within and find the Light and use this Light to heal and to protect. In your quiet, radiate, fill the world, fill your country, and the stars shall dance to welcome your safe return, your return out of darkness, of matter and grief. There is no end to the Light, and the joy and the beauty. It is forever. "

"There is a rebirth of the love energy and of the energy which the Christ first brought down. This love energy is with you now and empowers you for your work and your focus. That vibration (to) which you aspire is of the Christ love. This he gave you, blessed you with this, and allowed you to see your soul’s path with this Light. This is not a time to be divided like sheep and goats by one who sits above you. This is a time to decide for you who you are. This is a decision all must make."

"You will be aware of new power, new emanation from your physical body which will affect things and people around you, but it will not be visible to your eye. It is a strengthening of a vibrational body which is, of course, unseen by you, but very definitely noticed by us, and its colour change will be quite substantial …
You realise that this is a heralding of the Christ Consciousness. This is an awakening of that which has lain dormant for many years of your time. This is a newness, a participation in the cosmic realms which you are about to graduate …
 You must be ready to step forward into the Light. There is no looking back. There is no holding on to that which you deem necessary. You must go with your hands open and your heart and your mind filled with the Light. This way the changes which could occur will occur. For I tell you that in this great and wondrous journey which you have planned for yourself is but a stepping stone to the next dimension. This grand and wondrous dance which you dance will take you to another stage and a more intense Light …"

" There (will) be many whose fear will ignite and spread and cause much upheaval. For your peace of mind it may be wise to prepare your physicality for that which you fear may come, but you must greet this change with love and joy, and hold the Light in the midst of the fear and disturbance. If you can do this purely by focussing on the Christ Light within, then that would be sufficient, but if you feel that you need to have some reality to hold to in order to assuage your fears, then that would perhaps be a wise thing."

Occasionally I use my dowsing rod to check the date when the Cross of the Aquarian Chris is expected to cover the planet. I consistently receive that it will happen in early March 2019. In late December 2018, the Cross  that was energetically implanted into the land at Oasis Anu Ta was observed to cover 99.8 percent of the planet. I also received that it would cover the planet entirely on March 2, 2019. The exact date could vary by a few days. Could this be the occasion when we enter the new paradigm? Could it be the moment when the Christ Light floods the Earth, bringing enlightenment for some and devastation for others? We have been told there is no judgement from on high, for it is we who will choose ourselves.

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