This is for your focus - FREEDOM. Freedom from fears, freedom from old habits and pas

t hurts, freedom from blockages which you have brought with you from times past, and freedom from the thought you are stuck in one place. This concept must be clear before you can let go of those material things, which is also important.

Freedom is a state of mind that only comes when you admit, acknowledge, that you are one with the universe, and are able to be free to feel this oneness. To have oneness in this way must specifically be a shedding of those things which are not required in your vision as you progress along your path. The shedding of things unnecessary is a part of this freedom, but the freedom comes from the knowledge that you are one with God.
As you step into this alignment, so your blockages and your luggage is released, and there will be a lightness in the heart and the step when this is accomplished.
Freedom! Examine your ideas and your conscious reality for examples of being free, and work with these towards the oneness.
Freedom to live in the sun, to live in the Light.

With this freedom will come a new sense of purpose, a new direction and energy that will propel you even further than you are aware of.
Freedom to be who you truly are, and freedom to allow others to be who they truly are. Freedom to enter the flow of God. You must shed those shadows that are inappropriate for your path now.
Your heart and your mind freedom..

EMILY CARDELL AND THE journey of lightworkers

Emily has offered to assist John in building and promoting this website with the intention of attracting more people to this on-line community. The more people with whom we can share this information the easier it will be to move through the coming changes. Emily lives at Barwon Heads, Victoria, and is a committed Lightworker.

There are thousands of lightworkers around the world. Some have formed groups or communities, many are individuals scattered around the globe. Each is on a different path, but each shares a simple goal - to do what they can to help make the world a better place. They are the older souls and their understanding and motivation is inherent. Some are well known teachers and writers. All have a part to play in bringing in the Light.

John was assisted by many lightworkers during his 30 years at Oasis Anu Ta. Some had gifted psychic abilities, some came to learn and to help. One thing that he found these people shared in common was a belief and understanding of the nature of Spirit. They did not see themselves as separate from Spirit. They saw themselves as Spirit occupying a physical body. In the acceptance that we are spirit and by embracing Spirit as part of our reality, we see that we are connected with all things, and our reality is expanded. We understand that we are creative beings, that we create our individual reality, we are responsible for everything we experience, and we cease to be victims. We experience synchronicity and manifestation as part of the natural order. We are empowered!

To be an effective lightworker, one has to release one's attachments to old worn out beliefs that no longer serve us. Many of our beliefs are fear based and are hidden in our subconscious.. When we experience things that cause us discomfort, that is a sure sign that there is a need to change something in our belief system. We accumulate our beliefs from soul memory, personal experience, and from what others tell us. We are influenced in our behaviour by the expectations of others, by social conformities and by the dominant beliefs of our society or culture. We can free ourselves of the restrictions and destructive behaviour patterns that emanate from our beliefs. One way to do this is to acknowledge (own) those beliefs and offer them back to the Source (God).

The following excerpt from Lifting the Veils was spoken by one of John's spirit guides.