Step by step, year by year, Love and Truth revealed themselves. The journey took me to the highest levels of wonder and joy, and it also pitched me into depths of darkness and despair as I shed the shadows of illusion revealed by the Light of All That Is.

Lifting the Veils is largely a record of John's communications with non terrestrial entities (units of consciousness), They provide a fascinating and compelling insight into the nature of humanity, our material environment and our destiny, as seen from the perspective of universal intelligence. We are on an amazing journey which will ultimately take us into unimaginable realms, leading to self knowledge and enlightenment. It is all part of a Divine Plan in which we have the choice to participate or not. We are on the verge of entering a new paradigm in our evolutionary progress.

We are fast approaching a time of massive changes on our planet. There will be a shift in consciousness from a predominantly materially bases perception of reality to a more spiritually oriented one. This will come about through an intensification of the Christ Light that will permeate everything with which we are familiar. It will be difficult for those that do not resonate with the new vibration, and it is likely to be accompanied by some devastation. Essentially though, it will be a time of joy and celebration as we move into the new paradigm. It is a turning point in human history!

The purpose of this book is to pass on the information that was given to me during the years I lived at my 223 acre property at Parwan, Victoria. My spirit guides communicated to me about the massive changes that lie ahead. We are not given precise details as to how or when, but we are told how to prepare should we so choose. We are also told why -  "The misunderstandings, the crippled bodies, the downward spiral, is a consequence of being too much of the Earth. To be balanced is all that she desires of you - the material and the Light - the dance that gathers both together in an upward spiral to come home. Also - You realise that this is a heralding of the Christ Consciousness. This is an awakening of that which has lain dormant for many years of your time. This is a newness, a participation in the cosmic realms which you are about to graduate."

Much of what I relate will appear to some as strange and unfamiliar, as it was to me at the time. To my knowledge, many of the phenomena I encountered on this journey had never been experienced before. I questioned everything, but even when they made no sense I could not deny they were my experiences. As I learned to accept that everything has purpose, I looked for meaning, and found it. Sometimes the meaning was clear immediately, but more often than not it was months or years before it came to me fully. Out of the puzzle evolved an awareness of an amazingly beautiful and wondrous reality, a reality that incorporates multiple dimensions of living consciousness of which our own physical dimension is just a part. It is a reality which I created for myself to be a part of, not because I believed in it and wanted to participate in it, but because I did not know about it and I wanted to find out. I made a commitment to it. I made a commitment to search for Love and Truth. 



"You are truly wondrous beings. The reality which you have created is amazingly beautiful, devastatingly hurtful, brings you pain when you wish and brings you joy when you wish. All this you have created, and more. You have created this!" Ptah was speaking about how we create our experiences, our reality, as a consequence of our beliefs. "

"The souls that we entrusted to this journey are divided and scattered. We wish to bring them home. The division and the scattering are part of your reality, but it is not ours. Ours is the feeling of oneness. Your reality has brought you to this crossroads. You are made of your Earth, you are born in your Earth, but your soul is of us. You must align yourself with the light of your soul, the heavenly part of your being. You must gather together the energy of your Earth Mother and shower it to the heavens. Only this way can you become as you were. The alignment is within you.
The misunderstandings, the crippled bodies, the downward spiral - is a consequence of being too much of the Earth - to be balanced is all that she desires of you - the material and the Light - the dance that gathers both together in an upward spiral to come home. Oh children, if you could but see the wondrous beings that you are, if you could but hear the music and see the dance and the flame that you inhabit. You are surrounded in love and joy. Look up, for there I AM.
Come home in your dance; come home in your joy. All hurdles of sorrow fade like mist in the light of your joy - and we welcome you light by light as you ascend into the One".

"You are aware that there are more souls on your planet now than ever before. They are here to receive the Christ Energy which is blossoming, which is enlightening the entire universe from your planet. There is this energy carried by one man and seeded into your small Earth planet which has grown into a Light Tree of such dimension that those on other planes and in other worlds can only vaguely be understanding of. The energy which was seeded is in each one who is born on this Earth of yours, and each one who encapsulates this Light will take this seed with them to other realms, as they, as their turn comes to leave here. This seeding is not only important for your planet but also important for the whole of God who will not (rest) until all are in complete knowledge of the oneness which they are."

"There is nothing of yourselves that is not of the Light. There is nothing of yourselves in your footsteps that is not perfect. You wonder in your blindness, but when you understand that where you are is your dwelling place, your eye will open and your alignment will be true. You have set yourself a path upon which to overcome the obstacles which you found necessary to set there for your foot. This path is perfect, because it was from your understanding that it was designed. The path of Christ is your dwelling place. This broad, flat, golden plain which you carry in your heart and your soul is your true home. There is a need for those obstacles which you directed, but it is not the need of the Christ, The need of the Christ is that you recognise his dwelling place in you. Then there is no necessity for the stumbling or the dark. There is no path you can take that does not lead to the Light within, and at every obstacle, as you have observed, to illuminate with his Light will dissolve that stony part, that difficulty. So why project your fears to assume the obstacle role in your life?"

"It has to do with expansion and rebirth. This is where you are at this time - a time of total rebirth and renewal. Nothing will be as it was before. There will be many things which you do not understand, and there will be many people who are not aligned with the Light at this time. Therefore you will see much devastation and agony. There can be no turning back from this point.
You must remember that we love you and you are as with us. Now this is your path and your wish as you demonstrated to us, and (you will) be shown the next step and then the next and the next. Be not afraid for we are with you, and our love and our power surround you. There can be no joy in this, but there will be much work for you. You are unaware of the greatness of this time. Your understanding is like your material body, so small. Your understanding will grow, and your compassion, and your knowledge of those things which you will find great need of in comforting those who do not, cannot understand. Therefore, wrap yourselves always in the Light, and be as a beacon to those who would …"

It's our evolution in consciousness, not our comfort, that's the name of the game.

lifting the veils

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